Monday, November 17, 2008

Ruby Grace( continued)

On November 15, 2008 Jess and Andy went to the hospital to be induced. Things were going pretty slow... they didnt have her pitocin up high enough!

Every half our or so they came in and turned the pitocin up. So at about 9 a.m. my mom and I met them up at the hospital (we didnt want to miss anything and Jess goes quickly!)

At about 11:30 am things started progressing faster! She got the epidural and we hung out for awhile and at about 1:15 she told the nurse of some back pain that she was having so the nurse decided to check her. Good thing she did, cause the baby was coming. The nurse was getting prepped and all the other nurses came in. At 1:32 the nurse was ready and Jess said "do you want me to push?" and the nurse said, "nope, she is just coming." So Ruby Grace was born at 1:34. It was about a 30 second delivery. Crazy! Now I hope when its time for me to have babies that it goes that well! :)

Here are the Kids just before they met their little sister for the first time. (We make shirts for them every time.)

Kids meeting her! It was so sweet! Evan asked what "It" was and when they told him a boy, he was sad! Then later he said, "I am so happy it's a girl, she is my best sister in the whole wide world and I love her so much!" Since then, he has been talking about her non stop and saying how much he loves her and asks if he can hold her all the time. I love it.

First Brown Family of Five Foto!Avery, Evan, Nolan, Macy, Jessica, Ruby and Andy Brown!

What a Beautiful Family!

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Andy Brown said...

Is it vain for me to reiterate your comment. "What a beautiful family!"