Monday, November 17, 2008

Ruby Grace( continued)

On November 15, 2008 Jess and Andy went to the hospital to be induced. Things were going pretty slow... they didnt have her pitocin up high enough!

Every half our or so they came in and turned the pitocin up. So at about 9 a.m. my mom and I met them up at the hospital (we didnt want to miss anything and Jess goes quickly!)

At about 11:30 am things started progressing faster! She got the epidural and we hung out for awhile and at about 1:15 she told the nurse of some back pain that she was having so the nurse decided to check her. Good thing she did, cause the baby was coming. The nurse was getting prepped and all the other nurses came in. At 1:32 the nurse was ready and Jess said "do you want me to push?" and the nurse said, "nope, she is just coming." So Ruby Grace was born at 1:34. It was about a 30 second delivery. Crazy! Now I hope when its time for me to have babies that it goes that well! :)

Here are the Kids just before they met their little sister for the first time. (We make shirts for them every time.)

Kids meeting her! It was so sweet! Evan asked what "It" was and when they told him a boy, he was sad! Then later he said, "I am so happy it's a girl, she is my best sister in the whole wide world and I love her so much!" Since then, he has been talking about her non stop and saying how much he loves her and asks if he can hold her all the time. I love it.

First Brown Family of Five Foto!Avery, Evan, Nolan, Macy, Jessica, Ruby and Andy Brown!

What a Beautiful Family!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ruby Grace Brown

November 15, 2008
1:34 pm.
7.9 19 in.
Lots of dark blonde hair.
Amazing Delivery!

She is so sweet and very alert! We love her so much! I will post more pictures from my camera when I get more time. It is time for bed!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boston Lewis Blick

Look at this big boy!

Parker and Boston

Mommy Daddy and Boston

Ohh Little buddy! Look at that smile!

Everyone is doing amazing! Tired but amazing!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween Brown Kids!

Okay so I am way late on updating these.. I wasn't going to post them because it was so late, then I saw them again and I just couldn't resist. I had to post! Nolan has been really into Mario Kart this past year so he decided that he wanted to be Luigi for Halloween! After they decided on that.. Jessica (his mom) decided it would be a great idea to just make all the kids dress up like characters from Mario Kart.

Nolan, Evan, Avery and Macy

Here is Macy being Princess Peach.. I think she has the princess part down pretty well!

Here is little Miss Avery as TOAD.. She wore that hat ALL night! I can't believe it! She loved being Toad.

This picture of Nolan (Luigi) CRACKS me up! I love how he is in character!! His arms are hilarious!

HAHA. Jessica colored their hair brown even. I just love the looks on their faces! I had to post this one.

So there you have it. The brown kids!

Update on Jessica and baby number 5!..

She is being induced on Friday, November 14th so I will keep you posted on their new baby girl!
Any ideas for next years Halloween!? haha

Update on Robbyn and Boston.. They came home Monday night. Boston is doing really well. Robbyn hasn't gotten much sleep lately. When i visit her next, I will get some updated pictures!

This has been a crazy busy week.. and I dont think it will slow down until the beginning of the new year!

As for Nathan and I.. We are doing awesome. Being so busy, we are trying to slow down and spend some time together! Clean the house.. You know all that Marriage stuff. I just gave him the cutest haircut too. Now only if he would put that "Stuff" in it.

Until next time..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Boston Blick!

Quick update..

Boston (not sure of middle name yet) Blick was born November 8th.

10lbs 10oz. 21.5 inches long.

Huge Baby. Naturally! NO DRUGS! Robbyn is one stong woman! Keep them in your prayers.. Bostons Oxygen levels are a little lower than what they would like, so he is going to be monitored for 48 hours.

Here is HOSSton's picture.. Sorry its not very good quality as it was taken with my awesome Katana Sprint Cell Phone! ;) He has a little bruising on his face from the birth cause he was just so big!

I will update more with better pics later. Just wanted you all to know.

Hope you are having a wonderful freezing cold weekend!

Monday, November 3, 2008


I'm in a slump that i need to get out of! 
My goal in these next few months is to get up off of my butt and do the things that I want to do. Here are a few things that I have really been putting off.

Working out! 
Make a calendar for our busy lives and make it cute and fun. 
Be Creative. I have SO many ideas stirring inside me that its crazy. 
Learn how to really Knit!
Get out my sewing machine. 
Make a Craft area/bin and keep it organized.
Set weekly lists of a deep clean day! 
Go through all my clothes and take them to consignment or goodwill!
Organize and get rid of stuff that is tucked away in drawers.
Go on more date nights with my wonderful hubby! :) We went to Alexanders last night on a date and it was a blast! 

This year is going by so quickly! Its going to be 2009 before we know it. I have so many things to look forward to (besides my list above).

My dear friend Robbyn is due to have her 3rd boy last Saturday ;) So any day now!! I will post when he arrives! I went on a walk with her tonight to get things going. So hopefully I will get "the" call soon. My beautiful sister is due in 2 weeks with her 5th baby! This will make her 3rd girl! I can not wait to meet her. I will post when she arrives too! :)
Robbyn dark hair, Jessica Blonde

Then Thanksgiving is coming up. With being married now, there is a lot more planning that has to go on with Holidays! Coming from a divorced family, I already had two Thanksgiving meals to go to.. so now we have 3! WOW! Before we know it, its going to be Christmas and we travel a lot with that too. We go to Kansas to visit Nates Grandma. Last year, our first Christmas together, We went to Kansas to visit his Grandma AND Grandpa and this year sadly its just his Grandma.. It was  a very sad visit the last time as the night we got there was the last night Nate would see his Grandpa! :( It was a very sad first Christmas we had no idea it would happen like that. But now, Christmas just holds an even more special memory of Jack L. VanLear. :) He was really a Great man! The Thanksgiving before Nate proposed to me his grandpa said "When are you going to marry that girl!" :) So.. after that little Schpeel.. (is that how you spell that?) Christmas is going to come and go so quickly just like it does every year. And then we go to VEGAS! YAY a vacation! We will be heading out Jan 2nd. What a way to start the new year... with a vacation. 

Okay well, as you can see, I felt the need to write tonight.. not sure if any of it really goes together but oh well. I am a random person. You should see more posts cause remember I am going to be more organized! YAY. 


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