Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween Brown Kids!

Okay so I am way late on updating these.. I wasn't going to post them because it was so late, then I saw them again and I just couldn't resist. I had to post! Nolan has been really into Mario Kart this past year so he decided that he wanted to be Luigi for Halloween! After they decided on that.. Jessica (his mom) decided it would be a great idea to just make all the kids dress up like characters from Mario Kart.

Nolan, Evan, Avery and Macy

Here is Macy being Princess Peach.. I think she has the princess part down pretty well!

Here is little Miss Avery as TOAD.. She wore that hat ALL night! I can't believe it! She loved being Toad.

This picture of Nolan (Luigi) CRACKS me up! I love how he is in character!! His arms are hilarious!

HAHA. Jessica colored their hair brown even. I just love the looks on their faces! I had to post this one.

So there you have it. The brown kids!

Update on Jessica and baby number 5!..

She is being induced on Friday, November 14th so I will keep you posted on their new baby girl!
Any ideas for next years Halloween!? haha

Update on Robbyn and Boston.. They came home Monday night. Boston is doing really well. Robbyn hasn't gotten much sleep lately. When i visit her next, I will get some updated pictures!

This has been a crazy busy week.. and I dont think it will slow down until the beginning of the new year!

As for Nathan and I.. We are doing awesome. Being so busy, we are trying to slow down and spend some time together! Clean the house.. You know all that Marriage stuff. I just gave him the cutest haircut too. Now only if he would put that "Stuff" in it.

Until next time..


Steph said...

Those kids are the cutest! Clever idea.
Mabey I will see you at your hubbys soccer game!

Andy Brown said...

Great stuff. I just bookmarked ya.