Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Feel the Need to Update!

So today is Thursday..

I have Thursdays off work and I always spend the day with my mom and sister (and her adorable kiddies). We used to go shopping and spend lots of money and eat out for lunch (that we could never decide on), most likely we would get a "fretzel" how Macy used to pronounce Pretzel when she was younger, and sometimes a coffee type of drink!

Well this year, is the year of change. My mom had a great idea to take each Thursday and spend it at one of our houses and whatever project we are working on at that time, everyone helps! This Thursday was my moms day. She is in the process of finishing their basement, so we went through some of our old stuff and helped mom get rid of it.. several times, she stuck her hand back in the garbage.. "wait, i think that nick wore that necklace alllll the time" haha.. my sister is good at helping get rid of things. I say.. if you dont know what is in there, then you haven't missed it, so throw it away. Last week, we were at my sisters helping her organize her storage closet. And the week before, we were at my house putting together an organizing system so i have somewhere to put all of my stuff. I do have a confession to make though.. My mom and sis are better at the organizing things .. so i usually feed the baby, rock the baby, talk and play with avery and evan, get them more chocy milk.. walk around, make more of a mess. Hopefully the more we do this.. the better i will get at actually helping clean and organize. What is my problem!?

Someday I will learn!

Well tomorrow my mom goes to chicago for surgery! :( she has a little issue with her eye! it crosses ;) so, she is getting if fixed! please say a prayer for my mom that she would not be scared and that she won't feel sick like they say she might. and that the dr. does an awesome job!

Thats all for now, sorry its been boring around here lately, it should pick up here soon.. when i get MORE MOTIVATED! Sorry no picture update either.

Bye Bye for now!