Sunday, July 12, 2009

more progress

24 weeks

25 weeks

I am missing week 26 because we were on vacation. But soon i will upload the beach pictures we took. :)

27 weeks

28 weeks

29 weeks

30 weeks

This is the fabric that is going to be used to make Abrams bedding! I can not wait to see how it turns out!

This is going to be the changing table and the dresser at the same time. I bought one blue bin and I registered for 3 more! Sorry it's all a little messy right now, there is still alot that we need to do.

Here is an old sailboat that we will put in his room somewhere, I am hoping to find some more cute ones too.

Then of course I had to post some cute things I found. There is a lot more cute stuff I have but these shoes I just love!! I can just picture his little feet in there.

I found these awesome sunglasses at H&M and I had to get them! Daddy wears sunglasses all the time. And of course Abram wants to be just like daddy! <3
The fabric underneath them, I found on ebay and I am hoping to make a blanket out of it somehow.

There are still plenty of things we need to buy, like the crib and matress and hopefully we get alot of our stuff from our registry. We changed our mind about the crib. I think we are going to go with this one..

As of today I have 9 weeks and 4 days left. It is just going so fast! I wonder how I am going to feel about that in 5 weeks. haha.
I will keep everyone posted on how the dr. appts go and how I am feeling. So keep checking back.