Monday, November 3, 2008


I'm in a slump that i need to get out of! 
My goal in these next few months is to get up off of my butt and do the things that I want to do. Here are a few things that I have really been putting off.

Working out! 
Make a calendar for our busy lives and make it cute and fun. 
Be Creative. I have SO many ideas stirring inside me that its crazy. 
Learn how to really Knit!
Get out my sewing machine. 
Make a Craft area/bin and keep it organized.
Set weekly lists of a deep clean day! 
Go through all my clothes and take them to consignment or goodwill!
Organize and get rid of stuff that is tucked away in drawers.
Go on more date nights with my wonderful hubby! :) We went to Alexanders last night on a date and it was a blast! 

This year is going by so quickly! Its going to be 2009 before we know it. I have so many things to look forward to (besides my list above).

My dear friend Robbyn is due to have her 3rd boy last Saturday ;) So any day now!! I will post when he arrives! I went on a walk with her tonight to get things going. So hopefully I will get "the" call soon. My beautiful sister is due in 2 weeks with her 5th baby! This will make her 3rd girl! I can not wait to meet her. I will post when she arrives too! :)
Robbyn dark hair, Jessica Blonde

Then Thanksgiving is coming up. With being married now, there is a lot more planning that has to go on with Holidays! Coming from a divorced family, I already had two Thanksgiving meals to go to.. so now we have 3! WOW! Before we know it, its going to be Christmas and we travel a lot with that too. We go to Kansas to visit Nates Grandma. Last year, our first Christmas together, We went to Kansas to visit his Grandma AND Grandpa and this year sadly its just his Grandma.. It was  a very sad visit the last time as the night we got there was the last night Nate would see his Grandpa! :( It was a very sad first Christmas we had no idea it would happen like that. But now, Christmas just holds an even more special memory of Jack L. VanLear. :) He was really a Great man! The Thanksgiving before Nate proposed to me his grandpa said "When are you going to marry that girl!" :) So.. after that little Schpeel.. (is that how you spell that?) Christmas is going to come and go so quickly just like it does every year. And then we go to VEGAS! YAY a vacation! We will be heading out Jan 2nd. What a way to start the new year... with a vacation. 

Okay well, as you can see, I felt the need to write tonight.. not sure if any of it really goes together but oh well. I am a random person. You should see more posts cause remember I am going to be more organized! YAY. 


Anonymous said...

Love this post! A glimpse into your life....haha. Robbyn looks SO cute(you do Robbyn), and so does your sister.

I'm in the middle of the organizing thing. I MADE myself take on 1 room each day. At least get that done. I did it so far, and it feels so good when it's done. It's awful going thru it though. ugh. Get it done now before you have kids(which i'm just waiting for for you-hehe). Let's get together soon!

Cori said...

:) i really am going to try to do this more.. i just love reading all of yours too! they crack me up!

Abby, i dont know how you do it with 4 almost 5 children!

Nate and I will start soon. :) maybe next time I see you I will have a child.. haha. I never see you! What ever happened to our Girls NIGHTS!??

Holli.. is it because of you? They don't happen anymore since you're gone. Everyone must have only wanted to get together and hear all of your HILARIOUS stories! :)

(is this even how I comment back to your comment Abby? I need to know this cause I am going to be posting more.. remember?)

Holli said...

Robbyn and your sis are about the cutest prego people I have ever seen! Give R a hug for me!
Hope you can get all your stuff done!!!:)

stephanie said...

i'm proud of you! you can do it. i can help get you started and i will continue to encourage you. :)

new love & new life. said...

cori! yay! i have a new blogspot now its newlove&

I loved your post. I teared when you talked about my grandpa. recently ive been alot more emotional about him. i know that its this time of year. it probably wont stop for awhile...
keep blogging and im going to try to too! oh! i had an idea! i think you should make that corner place in your kitchen behind that curtain...put a desk of some kind there with a chair and a chalk board/post board and have some cute shelving for all your cute crafty stuff!!
just an idea!! i think it would look so cute there!

hope you're great!

oh- heres something that could help!
try doing this once or twice..or 3 times! a day! or just 2-3 sets at once...

20 squats
10-15 lunges on each leg
10-12 pushups
15-20 crunches
15-20 bicycles
25 jumping jacks.

WAHLAH! done! it would take about 10 minutes! k love ya bye!

Cori said...

bek you are awesome! that is such a great idea. :) hopefully the next time you come.. it will look like that! :)

and my butt and thighs will be tone too! i will give it a go.. i just got an eliptical too. its sits out in the sunroom so its like i am elipticalling outside! :)

i am so excited for your blogspot! i will be checking yours alot!

love you! see you soon for all the holidays~!

Steph said...

Hey Cori! I saw your hubby last night at soccer. Hopefully you will be there sometime:)

I am new the blog thing. Not really new writing, but new knowing other blogs. So, I am excited that I can follow yours now! yeah! Keep it up!