Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is coming so quickly! I still have so many people to buy for! :) I love giving gifts! I heard a quote recently that my friend steph reminded me of:

"Some people give a gift out of joy.
others give a gift for the joy that comes from the reaction."

- christy rose

Christy teaches bible study at our church and I really enjoy hearing all that she has to say. :) (sorry i totally took that from you steph) :)

This year, I am trying to pick out gifts that make people happy and things that they love, instead of getting something because i want to feel good.

I am getting close to being done with my shopping, now I just need to hit Hobby Lobby which I will be doing with Steph (who is oh so creative and beautiful!) on Thursday.. then I can get all my wrapping paper!

I know I have not blogged in awhile, but Its a busy time of year and it seems I have something going on every night! 2009 will slow down. I think this will be a good year! :) I can not believe that it is already almost 2009! WOW!

Well I took some pictures of the kids the other day at my moms birthday party, and I have a couple of hilarious ones of Nolan, he is the jokester of the family. You should hear this kids laugh! HE is so funny and so fun to be around! He found my moms glasses and picked up the bible and this is what came of it..

Here are some recent pictures of Ruby Duby Doo! She is getting so big! She is 1 month old already!

And i just had to add a picture of cute little Avery! She is so fun! :) Getting so big and talking so much! She is awesome!

This is my moms birthday cake that my sister made from Crepes of Wrath my sister changed up up a little with milky ways because that is my moms favorite candy bar! :) It was probably one of the best cakes I have ever had! Everyone should go to Crepes of Wrath she has some great recipes and great pictures!

Here is the birthday girl! Love you MOM!

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stephanie said...

great post! :) i love the pictures! that cake looks awesome.. go jess!
see you tomorrow! :)