Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes..

We close on our house today!

The time has finally come. We have bought our first home! We are so excited to move, but we are sad. The apartment we are leaving has been an amazing first home (technically 2nd, we lived in Wheaton for the first 2 months of marriage) where soooo many memories were made. This apartment was the place we called home for 3 years! We brought our first child into this home! And we may never step foot back in it. That is sad. But we know that this next house is just the next chapter in the story of our lives. It is going to be a fun and exciting chapter. Our house has room for our family to grow and more memories to be made. I can't wait to have our own yard to play in and our own real neighborhood to walk in and have more than one neighbor. I can't wait for FALL!! So we can decorate our house and make it smell like Cinnamon and Pumpkin smells and have little cute kids come to our door on Halloween and us hand out candy, I can't wait to decorate my house in my style and actually see what my style is. I can't wait to watch Nate crawl after Abe and play chase. I can't wait to finally have guests over and cook dinner for them and serve them. I can't wait to watch Abe take his first steps there, I can't wait to decorate for Christmas in our new house and play in the snow in OUR YARD! OH my GOODNESS! I am getting so excited.
So, as it may be sad moving out of this apartment, We are so very happy to move!
123A N. Main, You have been good to us!! Really, Really good to us! We will miss you and always drive by you and say "Abe, that is the first house you lived in!" :) Making memories is so fun!

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