Saturday, July 31, 2010


"i'm as cute as a butterburger is delicious"

So it has been a very busy past 10 months! Tomorrow I have a 10 month old! So crazy! Abe is amazing and I am so very thankful for him! Can you tell I like "!"'s? I just can't believe that he is as many months old as long as I carried him in my womb!! Not sure how to word that.. but I hope you get my drift!
So this month, Abe has learned so much. He is walking around all of our furniture and he can out crawl me when I try to crawl behind him and "get" him. He is letting go of furniture and standing for seconds at a time. Trying to talk a lot!! I am teaching him the sign language for "more" and he does this really cute hand rolly thing everytime I say "more". But... I am pretty sure he is just SAYING it now!!! He is learning "NO" and he stops doing what he was doing and looks at us. He is such a good boy. He is OBSESSED with my car keys! LIKE HE NEEDS THEM! haha! I need to get him his own little set. He will hold them forever but then I couldn't drive anywhere! He has learned to get mad when something he wants is taken away. But he is very easily distracted by something silly mommy does like " ah ah ah ahhh CHOOO" haha. He loves it. He has been doing these really cute silly faces where he squints his eyes. I love it. He loves waking up in the 5 oclock hour.. but always goes right back down after a bottle. Not sure when he will grow out of that! He is everywhere these days and he is so fun. Daddy and Mommy love him very much! He is still working on getting his 2 front teeth and one on the side in. We are very excited to announce that we bought a HOUSE! yay!! We own our first home. I love it. It is a little bungalow her in Washington. Keep posted for pictures.. Below is a pic of the front. Abe is on the porch with my mom. It needs work done outside so when we move in, I will get some bushes trimmed up and make it sooo cute! I can NOT wait!!

I will update as we move in and do some before and after photos. This will be so fun. I have a color scheme that i am inlove with.. not sure Nate is sold yet.. Here it is.. image by i love her blog! :)
Welp.. STAY TUNED...

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Holli said...

Happy 10 months! the girls and him are the same age!
Can't wait to see more pics!!!