Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hopefully I can do this more now

I got an ap on my phone, and now I can post from it! I think every post I have said I was going to blog more and maybe I really mean it now. ;)
It's hard for me to get the time to sit at home and actually blog. So now with my phone, I can do it anywhere or while I'm feeding Abe..
Speaking of Abe!-- this is a long overdue post but He's Here!!!! :) and 3.5 months old!!! I know I'm a little late! I love being his mommy and hanging out with him and teaching him things. He is such a good baby. Nate and I feel very blessed! I'm just testing this application out. So more to come. :)
Something I am going to try to do is post a picture a day for a year! I got this idea from my friend Steph. Thanks Steph! :) here is my pic from today..

Here is Abe today listening to Bebo Norman on iTunes and watching the iTunes visualizer. He loves listening to music and watching this. He also loves Baby Mozart and Baby Einstein.

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Mary Jo said...

Love this picture of him.