Sunday, May 31, 2009


There is nothing greater in life than growing our little baby in MY belly! There is NOT one thing that I could complain about being pregnant! Not being sick (a little) in the beginning.. not the weight gain, not the swelling, the zits, not being able to wear my ring! I love it all! I love having this belly that I can just rub and talk to our little Abram!

I can not wait to meet him, but I am sad that my belly will go away! Maybe we will just have to get pregnant again right away! hehe just kidding!

But really, I just want you all to know that this is so fun and I LOVE being pregnant! Besides.. its a good excuse to eat a lot of yummy food! <3

Update on the nursery.. we got the divider hung and I think the IKEA lady told me to get the wrong thing.. so we are going to keep it up for a bit and see if we like it. Tamara my mother in law was here this weekend celebrating Nathan's Birthday and Tammy and I got to chat a bit about the making of our nursery bedding that she will be making for us! I am so excited and Thank you SOOOO much Tammy! I can not wait. Our colors so far are going to be DARK Navy, White, Gray, Black, and Mustard!! :) we picked out some fabric and got some swatches to start planning! I also think we found the crib.

Well thats all for now, we have to leave for Nate's softball game now. GO LGC TEAM!!


Holli said...

love it too... not really the weight gain, the zits the swelling, the b**bs, the strech marks.... just love the babies! :) also LOVE your color choices and name for your wee one!
Miss and love you tons!

Cori said...

Holly, I FORGOT about the B**bs part! That is the one think I dont like. haha. Thank you!!! I am so excited to meet him and get his room finished! miss you and love you too! come home again soon!!!! i miss our talks at girls nights!!! and now that i am finally married and having my own baby, I can chime in with everyone!

Cori said...


christy rose said...

You are so cute pregnant! And I think it is so funny that you spell b**bs this way! You are so cute.